World records being more than broken!

One man who dared to dream a challenge of such an incomprehensible undertaking,  that upon this new attempt,  everyone is willing him to return victorious.

For this time the stakes are raised,  all the planning and preparations,  thrown now into disarray!   Literally just a matter of minutes beforehand too.

Out of his hands now,  his reservations must be forgotten,  dissolved into deadwood and replaced with his focusing and thirst for triumph.

Solitary and singularly carrying this storm away to a transfer of calm waters and warm climates,  while climbing the waterfall of fate!

Through the strictest of endurance and immeasurable pain,  determination,  dedication and drive,  proved to push him forwards to deliver his home country,  the hero they had long hoped for.

After refusing safety clothing, after seeing colleagues die,  our lone swimmer,  a humble Librarian from Romania became the first from his home land to ever successfully swim the English Channel,  this was his last attempt and the odds were severely stacked against him.

A hero he surely returned and he never stopped there,  the year that followed his lifetime achievement,  2017 the very year we are in,  he announced he will attempt to swim The Danube!

This was a mammoth journey!   Not just a day, 89 days infact  would be required of consecutive daily swimming and our adventurer Avram insisted he swims as he is,  looking like he is going for a swim in the local swimming pool!

Success and on the first attempt!

2017 WOWSA Awards

This leaves only one question

What’s next ?   What tops The Channel and the Danube?   The third major milestone, now this is only going to be something that is going to be keeping us in suspense the whole way through!!