Tracy Millosovich—Crystal Dreams (The Dreams Series) (Volume 1)

Hey Everyone,

This is Ellen—Executive Producer/Co-host to Brian Hammer Jackson—the baddest-ass shock-jock on blogtalk radio!!!! We are looking forward to talking with YA romance/fantasy author, Tracy Millosovich, on Friday March 23, 2018. I can’t wait to hear about her Crystal Dreams series, and check them out for myself.

When greedy humans ascend the alien Tartan planet to steal their resources, the magical inhabitants of the new world are no pushovers. When the magically powerful Queen of Tartan dies protecting her people, her King decides he needs her back from the dead, and killing her  reincarnation, a human girl named Crystal, will be easy. Humans are hated due to their hateful greed so when Crystal is recruited to fight at the King’s side, she’s about to learn more than she bargained for. With a war and bloodshed coming fast, and the broken heart of a warrior King willing to kill for his plans at her back, will  Crystal really survive long enough to find out why her human race has become bloodthirsty demons, and why the inhabitants of Tartan despise her? In this planetary war, whose side are you on?