The Unseen ( unity )

In reference to the above video and photo

The Ugandan President has been in power since 1986 and it is now requested for the removal of the president age limit from their constitution to be in force.

This has proven only to cause a further divide with many resisting.  This resistance has shockingly spilled over into Parliament.

Many people have been arrested and detained.

Sending fears into many people.

Would it be so unreasonable to review at the age of 75 instead of dismiss?

To understand that if a President is still capable then he may continue?

Whatever the overall outcome or grievance, it is not good for a countries people’s morale when parliament cannot remain professional?

It has been reported that MPs feared their colleagues were armed.  Was this a testimony of their outburst, or a comment of conjured up dishonesty to act in such measures?

A photo published by a news channel showing the pointing that occurred.   It states they were pointing towards a gun.   It also states the following order;

Mr Mutabazi said: “The Commission hereby directs all broadcasters to immediately stop and refrain from broadcasting live feeds which are in breach of the minimum broadcasting standards and the best practice guidelines for electronic media coverage/ reporting and broadcasting of live events.”

Following this display of where even one photo shows a microphone stand being brandished as a weapon, it was concluded that the age barrier be lifted.

Therefore 2021 will be open to a now 73yr old President.

Ugandans must not be made responsible for their leaders actions.



Can we show true unity


Can we now only pray something good may surface from such dramatic disturbances?