Taylor Swift Hates Carrie Underwood: Won’t Even Walk Past Her – Grammy Scandal Report

What happen to, it was all about the music Full Story.


As far as I am concerned this  be bop Taylor Swift Music is a tragedy of her life, or is it? She seems to be making a fortune of her poor lonely life. The public seems to buy it, why not milk it for all it’s worth.Any moron will be duped believing Taylor Swift is having a hard time so they feel for her or relate to her which she takes it to all the way to the bank. I am sick of her fake drama. What VH1 did to music (Killed it) Taylor Swift is doing  it to “It’s all about the music”.(she’s making music all about drama)

Candy Scientists Invented a Pink Chocolate Aimed at Millennials

It’s time for dark, milk and white chocolate to step aside and make room for a rosier flavor. Scientists have invented a new chocolate called “ruby,” Swiss cocoa giant Barry Callebaut said Tuesday.

Ruby chocolate features a reddish-pink hue and has a fruity, berry-like flavor. According to Barry Callebaut, the chocolate is made from the Ruby cocoa bean and has no berry flavoring or color added.

The new chocolate comes 80 years after white chocolate was introduced to the market. It also arrives amid a meltdown for the wider chocolate industry. Earlier this year, Nestle reported its slowest global sales growth in more than two decades, while Hershey said it planned to cut thousands of jobs.

Barry Callebaut CEO Antoine de Saint-Affrique told Bloomberg that the ruby chocolate arrives following about a decade of development. The chocolate appears to be targeted toward millennials in a year filled with a number of colorful food innovations aimed at younger, Instagram-obsessed shoppers.

“It’s natural, it’s colorful, it’s hedonistic, there’s an indulgence aspect to it, but it keeps the authenticity of chocolate,” Saint-Affrique told Bloomberg. “It has a nice balance that speaks a lot to millennials.”

Never Say Never!!

That decision to do everything we said WE WOULD NEVER do!

To keep motivated is IMPORTANT.  Much of what we stated we WOULDNT do, is to be found MORE ENJOYABLE than much of what we THOUGHT we wanted to do!

Especially if the challenges we set out are simply to

FIRSTLY enjoy,
SECONDLY learn and
THIRD spiritual freedom.

Here is a lovely NON PHYSICAL exertion of an exercise, so that gradually we can truly begin to experience that amazing feeling we so eagerly seek.

And in our most imaginative minds of seeking both a PEACEFUL and productive reality.

It can be as if

“our nights are being draped in protective veils of stars so that we all may rest easy and sleep safely, soundly throughout the latter hours”

We are naturally productive
We are naturally peaceful.

Reassertion away from any ‘contaminating conditioning’ to not put a too finer point on it!

NOT to CHANGE us, To simply be US and the only change is to STOP collecting RUBBISH, we let it ruin us some days.

Therefore this is a great way to implement some positivity making any practicality more manageable.

Everything happens in threes, so let’s change the odds by making lots of good ones!

3 times a week

( to keep a note of )

3 things we are GRATEFUL for,
3 things we are LOOKING FORWARD towards.
3 things we ENJOYED.

These could be from anytime in any place but its interesting to see how perception, priorities, personal circumstances change and grow.

Always beneficial to look at our 3×3 approx three times throughout the day.  Always beneficial to make OUR WORLD happy.

Have FUN with this if you join in, the findings of how beneficial we find different aspects and how we perceive a few of our lists from time to time will be INTRIGUING

… So lets extract the GOOD and start bottling the stuff!.

FEMA could run out of cash this weekend

As Hurricane Irma barrels toward Florida, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is on the brink of running out of cash for disaster relief and could be in the red by the end of the week.

The lack of money could force the agency to essentially start operating on IOUs if Congress doesn’t act in time.
As of Tuesday morning, FEMA’S Disaster Relief Fund had just $1.01 billion left. Of that, $541 million was “immediately available” for response and recovery efforts related to Hurricane Harvey, according to a spokeswoman.
An official with Office of Management and Budget told CNN Thursday that the latest estimate shows that FEMA has enough to get through Saturday. When asked how much money remains in the FEMA disaster relief fund as of Thursday the official said, “it’s hard to say at this point as this not like traditional spending.”
The House passed an emergency relief bill Wednesday that would provide $7.85 billion in emergency funds — the vast majority of which to FEMA, with some going to the Small Business Administration.
The Senate is expected to vote on that bill Thursday, tacking on another $7.4 billion in emergency funds for a total of $15.25 billion for FEMA’s disaster relief fund.
On top of that, the Senate is voting on another $6.7 billion for funds that were already slated to go to FEMA in a spending bill that keeps the government open for another three months.
Once the bill goes back to the House — so it can vote on additions made in the Senate — Congress will have voted on close to $22 billion in funds for disaster relief.
But if for some reason the agency does run out of money before Congress acts, the lights aren’t expected to go out.
The head of FEMA, Brock Long, said he’ll keep “pushing forward” no matter what happens in Congress. “I’m not letting money get in the way of my operation,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.”
Thursday morning, also on CNN, Long added that he’ll “never allow paper work and money to get in the way of saving lives.”
Craig Fugate, the former administrator of FEMA under President Barack Obama, told CNN that when the agency ran out of money during Hurricane Irene in 2011, it continued to work at full speed, essentially breaking a law called the Antideficiency Act, which prohibits an agency from spending or obligating money that isn’t available or hasn’t been authorized.

Betsy DeVos Moves to End Obama’s Guidelines for Campus Sexual Assault Investigations

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said Thursday that her department will change the Obama Administration’s guidance for handling cases of sexual assault on college campuses and rethink the way Title IX regulations against gender discrimination are enforced.

“The sad reality is that lady justice is not blind on campuses today. This unraveling of justice is shameful, it’s wholly un-American,” DeVos said during a speech at George Mason University in Virginia . “There must be a better way forward. Every survivor of sexual misconduct must be taken seriously. Every student accused of sexual misconduct must know that guilt is not predetermined.”

DeVos’ speech came almost two months after she met with various advocate groups to discuss how sexual assault investigations are handled on college campuses, listening to victims of sexual assault as well as to men who say they have been falsely accused. Victims’ advocates have urged DeVos not to roll backthe Obama Administration’s controversial Dear Colleague letter. That letter established strict guidelines for universities to follow when investigating sexual assault complaints or risk losing federal funding under Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education.

On Thursday, DeVos criticized that guidance for creating a system that “has failed too many students.”

“Instead of working with schools on behalf of students, the prior administration weaponized the Office of Civil Rights to work against schools and against students,” she said. “The era of rule by letter is over. Through intimidation and coercion, the failed system has clearly pushed schools to overreach.”

Protesters outside the speech chanted “stop supporting rapists,” and advocates of sexual assault victims quickly criticized the announcement. “What seems procedural is a blunt attack on survivors of sexual assault,” Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, said in a statement. ” It will discourage schools from taking steps to comply with the law—just at the moment when they are finally working to get it right.”

DeVos said the department will launch a so-called notice and comment process to develop a new approach.

“We know this much to be true: one rape is one too many, one assault is one too many,” DeVos said. “One person denied due process is one too many. This conversation may be uncomfortable, but we must have it. It is our moral obligation to get this right. Campus sexual misconduct must continue to be confronted head-on.”

Not Broken, Just Dented!

When we hear bad news we can become broken.  The news is shattering and in effect we break.  Not physically at first but soul destroying sure gets us feeling as such.  So we can’t just mend ourselves with pretend physical glue.  We can however reach for something stronger.  That’s the spiritual super glue.  It bonds solid and becomes unbreakable.  We don’t have to search for it when we have no energy, it’s always within our grasp.  We just need to accept that we aren’t worth breaking anymore and allow ourselves to remember to have full trust in our own abilities and also to never mind anyone elses weaknesses of which they like to pin on us either before we break, during or after, often all three.  I’m sure we are capable of knowing who we are far better than anyone else.