The Fight for Freedom!!

President Kenyatta above explaining  ” It was overturned for the first time in history! ”

Re-Election Date : OCT 26

******* JUST IN ******* The awaited Presidents final speech before the election,

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The Opposition announces There Will Be No Election!!

What exactly is Ralia afraid of?

Is there any legitimate and logical method here?

Is there any rationalisation in this act?

It is viewed that ever since Ralia Odinga has been standing as a presidential candidate, he has consistently and actively demonstrated non acceptance of any results, therefore leaving us with a questionable candidate as to his ability to provide ethically for Kenya.

While Ralia is busy stopping the election from happening we have here ;

Echoing from the Presidents Campaign 4 words which do indeed wrap up one of the most eventful and turbulent of campaigns

***** Embrace Peace Shun Tribalism *****

He has stressed throughout how moving Kenya forwards is of Paramount importance and states the need to do away with elections so that development activities can continue.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has also informed us that on Monday, both he and the Deputy President met with Wafula Chebukati, the Chairman of the Electoral Agency IEBC.

President Kenyatta made it clear in the meeting that he has no demands on the IEBC except to see an election held in terms of the Supreme Court Order.


The Presidents campaign was focused on the following by these comments, he also released these photos


” Allow Kenyans to vote peacefully ”

” Those who want to vote should be allowed to exercise their rights, the same way as those who do not want to vote ”

” We are warning anyone who will be tempted to block Kenyans from exercising their democratic right to vote will be dealt with according to the law ”

” We will not allow those who don’t want to vote, to stifle other Kenyans rights, if they try they will know there is a government that cares for it’s people ”


” We do not want to see Kenyans shedding blood because of politics ”

” Kenyans should not accept to be incited to fight by politicians who are only out to satisfy their personal interests ”


” We should always cherish the peace and stability we are enjoying, let us not allow individuals to divide us because of their selfish interests ”

” I have no problem with those insulting me but I want to tell them if they try to cause chaos with the intent of derailing the election, they will be dealt with firmly by the security agents ”

Thursday October 26 is aptly described by the Deputy PM as Kenyas Date with Destiny…..

Direct War Amongst Us

Want to win the war?

Any war,  physical, psychological, battles, disputes?

Then don’t be the war.

Be the freedom.

War has been with us from the beginning of time.

It is currently escalating beyond any recognition.

We are left with an outweigh of War, threats, lies, destruction, manipulation, control, greed, fear, scrambling now to live.

Well the last two are two of the most dangerous words this world will ever know.

From fear comes greed.  A need…. To control.

Control how?  By destroying anything or anyone that doesn’t conform.

Destroy how?  By any method possible or impossible, this is because control is desperation.

Never become a victim to a desperate destroyer.  If they don’t destroy you then you will do the job for them.  So never become a desperate destroyer.

Fighting masks the truth

Obsession is a silent killer.

The reality is ugly words create ugly people and ugly people create themselves a complex!

Once we are controlled, lies truly take hold.

The answer to life?  And all its atrocities?
Why the blindness?

Life was borne out of love.
Life was created, everything was created, such careful considerations.
Life is immeasurable because love is unconditional.

Love was the ultimate activation so the opposite therefore is the deactivation.

The more we judge, the more we assume, the more we replace love, for love is pure, a non expectation and fully accepting.

Love is trust.
Love is equal.
Love is the vision of truth.

It is selfless and non fearing.

When man began to destroy such an ultimate gift, it was out of that same such gift that man was saved.

It’s not the world we destroy, it’s love.

The more lies, the deeper into the darkness, the dread of discovery, the dregs of mankind, the binding of invisible restrictive searing and suffocating sickness.

The more truth,  more accessible shall become the light, the releasing of burdens, healing and strengthening, renewing and unbinding of self.

You’ve no need to fight a battle that is of no substance.  A battle is only sustained through fear…. Of self.   Become selfless and the battle is already of no threat.

False vision is what our eyes see, not what is in front but behind.

Spiritual blindness is the true debilitating disease.

Rid yourself of that disease and life will be your most powerful of Allies.

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