Gridiron Conspiracy – Paperback

Winning a landmark court case should have put Chris Strong’s life back together. Instead he finds himself drawn once more into the dark world of hidden shadows and conspiracy. Come join Chris on his journey to take back his life. His football career on the rocks and loved ones missing makes for a mysterious ride. Will Chris find his friends in time and will his life ever be the same. Only time will tell.


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Direct War Amongst Us

Want to win the war?

Any war,  physical, psychological, battles, disputes?

Then don’t be the war.

Be the freedom.

War has been with us from the beginning of time.

It is currently escalating beyond any recognition.

We are left with an outweigh of War, threats, lies, destruction, manipulation, control, greed, fear, scrambling now to live.

Well the last two are two of the most dangerous words this world will ever know.

From fear comes greed.  A need…. To control.

Control how?  By destroying anything or anyone that doesn’t conform.

Destroy how?  By any method possible or impossible, this is because control is desperation.

Never become a victim to a desperate destroyer.  If they don’t destroy you then you will do the job for them.  So never become a desperate destroyer.

Fighting masks the truth

Obsession is a silent killer.

The reality is ugly words create ugly people and ugly people create themselves a complex!

Once we are controlled, lies truly take hold.

The answer to life?  And all its atrocities?
Why the blindness?

Life was borne out of love.
Life was created, everything was created, such careful considerations.
Life is immeasurable because love is unconditional.

Love was the ultimate activation so the opposite therefore is the deactivation.

The more we judge, the more we assume, the more we replace love, for love is pure, a non expectation and fully accepting.

Love is trust.
Love is equal.
Love is the vision of truth.

It is selfless and non fearing.

When man began to destroy such an ultimate gift, it was out of that same such gift that man was saved.

It’s not the world we destroy, it’s love.

The more lies, the deeper into the darkness, the dread of discovery, the dregs of mankind, the binding of invisible restrictive searing and suffocating sickness.

The more truth,  more accessible shall become the light, the releasing of burdens, healing and strengthening, renewing and unbinding of self.

You’ve no need to fight a battle that is of no substance.  A battle is only sustained through fear…. Of self.   Become selfless and the battle is already of no threat.

False vision is what our eyes see, not what is in front but behind.

Spiritual blindness is the true debilitating disease.

Rid yourself of that disease and life will be your most powerful of Allies.

Bob Weinstein Gets Emotional on “Depraved” Harvey, Saving the Company and His “Waking Nightmare” (Exclusive)

MEET BOB HARVEY BROTHER.For nearly 30 years, Bob Weinstein has lived in the shadow of his older brother Harvey Weinstein. While Harvey, 65, was the very public face of Miramax and then The Weinstein Company from Sundance to Cannes to Hollywood, palling around with stars and schmoozing Oscar voters, Bob, 62, has served on TWC’s board and tended to Dimension, their genre label, turning out movies like the Scream and Scary Movie franchises, that routinely made more money than all but Harvey’s biggest hits full story .

The Unseen ( unity )

In reference to the above video and photo

The Ugandan President has been in power since 1986 and it is now requested for the removal of the president age limit from their constitution to be in force.

This has proven only to cause a further divide with many resisting.  This resistance has shockingly spilled over into Parliament.

Many people have been arrested and detained.

Sending fears into many people.

Would it be so unreasonable to review at the age of 75 instead of dismiss?

To understand that if a President is still capable then he may continue?

Whatever the overall outcome or grievance, it is not good for a countries people’s morale when parliament cannot remain professional?

It has been reported that MPs feared their colleagues were armed.  Was this a testimony of their outburst, or a comment of conjured up dishonesty to act in such measures?

A photo published by a news channel showing the pointing that occurred.   It states they were pointing towards a gun.   It also states the following order;

Mr Mutabazi said: “The Commission hereby directs all broadcasters to immediately stop and refrain from broadcasting live feeds which are in breach of the minimum broadcasting standards and the best practice guidelines for electronic media coverage/ reporting and broadcasting of live events.”

Following this display of where even one photo shows a microphone stand being brandished as a weapon, it was concluded that the age barrier be lifted.

Therefore 2021 will be open to a now 73yr old President.

Ugandans must not be made responsible for their leaders actions.



Can we show true unity


Can we now only pray something good may surface from such dramatic disturbances?

Security Breach ??

Niqab/ Hijab ??

With recent reports regarding facial recognition being denied at an airport or two!

Is it right for security to allow someone pass through without checking who first??

Religious rights CAN be taken into account without risks, so why not have a woman security officer take her aside out of the view of men and request the face covering be removed momentarily??

If this were to happen then why would this request be denied??

Are passport applications not needed if the applicant decides that the questions aren’t relevant??

Unless there is a motive far deeper.

We will never know until something adequate is put into practice.

September 11 As Strong Today

Never will the harrowing heart ripping be faded into a falsified hush, for it will not be a number of years later in which such horrific devastation eases, for it will never erase the enormity of one day.

Many survivors seek their salvation from their silenced sorrows daily, a freedom that is rightfully theirs but the traumas that met them and the tragic truths that followed entrapped them into a haunted heaviness.

We will pray they find their peace, that hope is never abandoned, that truths untold will become truths to unfold.

May their strength grow and their knowledge be safely able to show, the darkness so it may be lifted from them.

Liberty must soon be unveiled!!

Equifax hack: What’s the worst that can happen?

You waved your right to sue? You got to be kidding me.The anger is boiling over See the full story

143 million people people’s personal info exposed. This my friends is a real fire storm.People were so mad when they started to check their credit & read the contract, it turned out when you signed up for that special free credit monitoring, You dropped your right to sue. This is some kind of bullshit, Someone needs to be held accountable.