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Mitchell talked about a number of topics. Here are a handful of topics we focus show on: How can anyone write a book in 8 hours How can your audience become Thought Leaders What are the 5 top Thought Leadership practices today Why do organizations need more Thought Leaders How is business changing and will continue to change How can you create a content machine that shows your Thought Leadership How can you take 1 piece of content, turn it into 5 on 10 platforms How can you do social media effectively with only 5 minutes a day What is a social media enabled eBook How can I quickly make physical and eBooks part of my Thought Leadership.

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2 Replies to “Mitchell Levy -Aha Books”

  1. Brian Hammer Jackson here:
    When I first thought about the interview a day before I was thinking another author with the same message buy my book. Let me get some coffee make it a quick interview and leave without the guest see me fall asleep. The day of the interview 5 minutes to air. Ellen was her funny self and we waited for our guest and he finally arrived . Ellen took the lead and soon I started to listen and joined in. The interview with Ellen & Mitchell was so interesting that I wanted to be part of it. Mitchell in my belief sees the world in a positive way and his energy and passion shows like a lightening bolt. I had a great time learned a lot and you can hear the interview in the section Hammer and Ellen in the morning.

  2. Hammer, Ellen here:

    It was a great interview, and I did learn something and I was enlightened. Brian was of course his witty self, coming in 5 minutes late…but, shhh, we won’t tell anyone.

    Mitchell was very humorous in-between explaining how anyone could follow his formula, and write a great book in 8 hours. Needless to say, there was a lot of light-heartedness intermingled with the message that Mr Levy was wanting to get across to our audience.

    And , as for me being funny, Hammer, I see an opportunity to wit and I just jump on it.

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